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- Saw this band at the Old Duke last night. Excellent entertainment and highly recommended! If you know Bonnie Raitt's work you'll know how good these guys are. If not check 'em out and revel in the great country blues music! Phil Wheeler

- Caroline and her First Raitt guys were, as usual, on top form this afternoon at The Orchard. Even when you know the numbers well, they still come across fresh as Caroline makes each one her own and carries you away with her song; a great way to forget one's troubles! We very much enjoyed the exceptional musicianship, the atmosphere, the laughs and the chance to dance

- Great night, thanks Caroline and band! of the best live bands around who were up to their usual high standard. Well done to all the band we had a great night.​

- Had a great time - you were on fire!x 

- You are a fab and wonderful singer! And the band too! Very tight and professional! 

- It was blimmin' great, lovely to see old pals there too xx 

Great gig and fantastic to see you all again after a bit of a gap of 20 years or so!

- Yes it was a great night. FR fantastic! 

- Perfick evening - star performance xx

- Great to hear. You are always welcome at The Golden Lion. On that note lets get another in the diary!!!

- Hello First Raitt Band! Can one of you please ask Caroline Tarbuck to check her Facebook messages for a message from someone at BRHQ? This is regarding Bonnie's show in Bristol on Thursday. Thank you!

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